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ICT Strategy Work Task K

High Level Goals and Objectives User Profiles and Scenarios
Expected Results and Benefits Will enable visualisation of the future benefits of the ICT strategy with the aim of assisting in the requirements analysis and consultation, and encouraging buy-in from stakeholders.
Timing Starts 4 October 2005. Ends 28 April 2006 (date modified).
Prime Responsibility Developing "stories" or user scenarios of how ICT will add value to the daily work of University members
Major Dependencies Work Tasks B (Ongoing Consultations) and D (ICT Requirements for Collegiate University) will benefit from intitial user scenarios. Work Task K will in turn be dependent on the outcomes of Work Tasks B and D to further develop the stories. The final set of stories will be included within the outputs from Work Task J (Development of Strategic Plan)
Risks and Potential Obstacles The Work Task may be over-creative and may be using a method unfamiliar to most members. Inherent risk of raising expectations beyond reality or encouraging an unhealthy focus on emerging or over-hyped technologies.
Description and Status SG-WT-K-01.pdf (as of 2005-10-11)
Documents (in chronological order)
  • Possible longer-term scenarios for stakeholders from the outcomes of a new ICT strategy, First Edition [SG-WT-K-02.pdf, SG-WT-K-02.doc] (last revised, 2005-10-26)
  • Possible longer-term scenarios for stakeholders from the outcomes of a new ICT strategy, Second Edition [SG-WT-K-05_scenarios_2.xml (last revised, 2006-04-03)
  • Minutes (draft), First Meeting, 13 Oct 2005 [SG-WT-K-04.pdf]
  • Agenda, First Meeting, 13 Oct 2005 [SG-WT-K-03.pdf]
Membership Michael Fraser (Chair), Paul Jeffreys (Observer), David Popplewell, Peter Robinson, Nigel Rudgewick-Brown, Jeremy Worth
Meetings Thurs 13 October. Business mainly carried out via email.

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