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ICT Strategy Work Task I

High Level Goals and Objectives Timescales and total ICT Costs to 2010
Expected Results and Benefits Details of cost and timescales for ICT, taking into account experience of other UK Universities
Timing Starts 25 November. Finish by February 8th 2006.
Prime Responsibility Production of a Financial model for ICT in Oxford to 2010
Major Dependencies Depends on output of WT D, G and H. WT J depends on final output.
Risks and Potential Obstacles WTG and WTH have to complete before this WT starts. Planning process will need to be realistic but it is hard to predict IT Technology and Price five years into the future. Conservative estimates will be needed.
Description and Status WT-I-COVER
  1. Initial pre-meeting (16.12.05) Notes
  2. More detailed remit
  3. Text summary of budgetary data available
  4. Initial spreadsheet representation showing budget
  5. Agenda for 2006-01-27 meeting
  6. Summary spreadsheet for 5 years (revised 2006-03-31)
  7. Discussion points for meeting 2006-01-27
  8. project plan representation of next 5 years
  9. BSP 5-year investment plan
  10. Agenda for 2006-03-31 meeting
  11. proposed ICT Strategy 5 year budget planning model
  12. Notes from 2006-03-31 meeting
Membership Sebastian Rahtz, Bill MacMillan, Mark Clark, Annette Haworth, Pete Biggs, John Ireland, Rhys Newman, Michael Sibly, Vivien Sieber

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