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ICT Strategy Work Task H

High Level Goals and Objectives Large Scale IT Investments Forecast
Expected Results and Benefits Details of large-scale IT Investments across the Colleguate University for the next five years, enabling the budgetting process.
Timing Starts immediately, Finish shceduled for 9 December 2005. ICT-SG Meeting 4 will sign off output
Prime Responsibility Determining large expenditure requirements over the next five years
Major Dependencies No dependencies from other WTS. WT I needs the output of the WT on time so it can complete on time to report to WTJ. WTJ depends on final output.
Risks and Potential Obstacles Input will be required from major University stakeholders. Planning process will need to be realistic but it is hard to predict IT Technology and Price five years into the future. Conservative estimates will be needed. This WT will delay WT I if it runs late.
Description and Status WT Status (09.12.05)
Documents Meeting 1 (09.12.05): Agenda web, Minutes web
Meeting 2 (13.01.06): Agenda web
Big investment trends in Universities (Jerry Fishenden) PDF
OUCS Objectives and anticipated expenditure (Alan Gay) PDF
Oxford Supercomputing Centre Major Costs 2005-2010 Web
OU Libraries Service Major Costs 2006-2010 Web
Campus Grid Costs 2006 Web
Medical Sciences Division Major costs 2006-2010 Web
Membership Paul Jeffreys, Ann Clayden, Anne Trefethen, David Popplewell, Jerry Fishenden, John Jenkins, Mike Giles, Rebecca Jones

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