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ICT Strategy Work Task E

High Level Goals and Objectives Federated ICT environment and ICT Governance and management structure
Expected Results and Benefits Provide recommendations for a governance structure and working environment for ICT. Work up process for devising 5 year plan for change.
Timing Starts Immediately. Initial proposals by 31 October 2005. Final report including 5 year plan proposals to ICT-SG meeting 3
Prime Responsibility Governance and Environment review
Major Dependencies None from other WTs. Output needed after confirmation by ICT-SG meeting 3 to feed into WTJ
Risks and Potential Obstacles Availbility of large membership of this group. Governance proposals may take time to work up and agree.
Description and Status Status of Work Task 26 October 2005
Documents Meeting 1 (26 October 2005) Notes
Current ICT Committees Structure
Meeting 2 (11 November 2005) Agenda Notes
Meeting 3 (12 January 2006) Agenda Notes
Meeting 4 (1 February 2006) Agenda Notes
Extracts from JISC Governance Document PDF
First Draft of output document from this Work Task
Proposal: The ICT Forum (v2) (Pete Biggs, John Ireland, Jeremy Worth)
Membership Paul Jeffreys, Peter Biggs, Keith Burnett, Bill Dutton, Stuart Lee, David Perrow, Nigel Rudgewick-Brown, Charles Shaw, Dave Watson, Margaret Taylor

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