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ICT Strategy Work Task D

High Level Goals and Objectives ICT Requirements of the Collegiate University
Expected Results and Benefits Will determine and get sign-off for ICT requirements of OUCS, Admin and OULS. Will ensure needs of other units are fed into the final strategy.
Timing Starts 20 October 2005. Outputs to Consultant with one week of ICT-SG meeting 2
Prime Responsibility Determination and agreement of ICT requirements for Collegiate University.
Major Dependencies Depend on initial report from WTB (Consultation with ITSSG and IT Commitees). Consultant needs output from this WT after confirmation by ICT-SG Meeting 2
Risks and Potential Obstacles Agreement needed from three service units plus a department and a college. Timescale is short
Description and Status Status of Worktask
Documents First meeting (19.10.05) Minutes: PDF
Second Meeting Minutes: web
Third Meeting Agenda: web Minutes: web
Draft of online questionnaire web
Membership Anne Trefethen; Paul Jeffreys, Mile Giles, Andrew Martin, David Popplewell, Wylie Horn, Stephen Parkinson, Pete Biggs, David Perrow

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