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ICT Strategy Work Task C

High Level Goals and Objectives Undertake a top-down evaluation, starting from the University's Corporate Plan, to define the consequent ICT requirements which need to be fed into the Strategic Plan
Expected Results and Benefits Most of the ICT Strategy exercise is a bottom-up process to seek the collective wisdom on how to develop an ICT strategy which will lead to a coherent ICT environment for the collegiate University. WT C takes a different, and complementary, approach and starts with a remit to understand and extract the key strategic directions of the University and ensure that there is suitable underpinning ICT infrastructure. The benefit is a direct connection of the ICT Strategy exercise with the Corporate Plan and a way of ensuring that the high level needs of the University are met.
Timing Immediate start. Work to be completed and documented by Christmas 2005, presentation to ICT-SG Meeting 4.
Prime Responsibility Determination of Collegiate University strategic objectives and drivers for change and underpinning ICT requirements.
Major Dependencies There are connections between WT C and WTs B (in terms of communication) and K (in terms of user cases). WTJ needs output from this WT after confirmation by ICT-SG Meeting 4.
Risks and Potential Obstacles Availability of group members, ability to obtain information from major stakeholders during the pressure of a new academic year.
Description and Status Status of Work Task 28 October 2005
Documents Meeting 1 (28.10.05) Agenda Minutes
Meeting 2 (14.11.05) Agenda Minutes
Meeting 3 (13.01.06) Agenda
Meeting 4 (03.02.06) Agenda
Meeting 5 (10.03.06) Agenda
Strategy Documents of Interest
Risk Management
Legislative Environment for the programme
The Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT)
The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
E-Framework Website and background material
Service-oriented Frameworks
ICT Review of the University's Corporate Plan
Initial Draft of output Document from this WT
Summary of feedback on Strawman v 0.9 for Meeting 4
Membership Paul Jeffreys, Stephen Parkinson, Michael Sibly, Matthew Dovey, Kate Lindsay, Howard Noble

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