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ICT Strategy News (Issue Two)

7. Questions & Answers

Q: Please can you advise me how to provide input to the process?

A: Work Task B is designed to ensure consultation across the collegiate University. Work Task D is intended to capture the ICT requirements of the collegiate University. Both Work Tasks will offer opportunities to submit comments and responses to the Strategy Programme. You may also wish to email ict@ox.ac.uk direct as well as contribute an initial response via the ICT Landscape Survey (by 20 October).

Q: You are undertaking a very challenging task. Will you finish on time?

A: Experience from other Universities encourages us to believe it is possible to prepare an ICT Strategic Plan by April 2006. This will require, however, as the Vice-Chancellor requested, goodwill and time investment from many across the collegiate University. We must focus on ensuring that the strategic foundations are correct, and that they will be stable throughout the exercise. It will also be important to manage expectation by stressing that the goals of the exercise are to define and agree the principles for a strategy, and that detailed evaluation will follow in a subsequent phase. Tony Brett (Programme Manager) has developed a detailed Gantt Chart to help ensure the Programme keeps to its declared timescales.

Q: Is there not a danger that the ICT Strategy Steering Group is both a working group, which will develop and own the strategic plan, and an oversight committee which will receive the plan on behalf of the University?

A: Part of the purpose of the ICT Strategy Steering Group is to advise on a new Governance structure for IT in the collegiate University, and it is this structure which would receive the Strategic Plan. Consequently, there inevitably will be a certain degree of ‘chicken and egg’ in the process. The Steering Group will pay particular attention to reporting its progress to every meeting of the ICT Committee, and to undertaking wide consultation, including all relevant IT committees through Work Task B.

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