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ICT Strategy News

6. Work Tasks

The ICT Strategy Programme is underpinned by a series of Work Tasks. Ten Work Tasks (A-J) were approved (with amendment where applicable) at the first meeting of the Steering Group.

An eleventh Work Task (K) has been added subsequent to the meeting and will focus on developing scenarios which highlight the likely impact and benefits of the ICT Strategy on members of the collegiate University.

We would like to thank everyone who volunteered to join a Work Task either as a leader or member. The Work Tasks and their leaders are as follows:

  1. A: Description and Goals Endorsement and Gazette Publication (Paul Jeffreys)
  2. B: Ongoing Consultations (Sheelagh Treweek and Alan Gay)
  3. C: University Strategic Objectives and Plan (Paul Jeffreys)
  4. D: ICT Requirements for Collegiate University (Anne Trefethen)
  5. E: Federated Environment and Governance (David Watson and Paul Jeffreys)
  6. F: ICT Consultant and Team Interface (Paul Jeffreys)
  7. G: External Research (Nigel Herriott)
  8. H: Large Scale Investments (Paul Jeffreys)
  9. I: Timescales and Costs for the Collegiate University (Mark Clarke and Annette Haworth)
  10. J: Development of Strategic Plan (Paul Jeffreys)
  11. K: Long Term Future-Stating (Michael Fraser)

Each Work Task has a Web page as part of the ICT Strategy Web site which will be updated by Tony Brett as the Work Tasks progress. Further details of all Work Tasks are available via http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/strategy/

Please contact Charles Shaw (Charles.Shaw@admin.ox.ac.uk) if you are interested in contributing to a Work Task.

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