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Oxford University ICT Strategy Programme 2004-2007

Final Documentation

The main deliverable of the ICT Strategy Programme was the 'Strategic Plan' which was completed in Spring 2007.

After a formal consultation (Oxford only) period the 'Strategic Plan' was submitted to the University's Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) for consideration at their meetings of the 17 April and 29 May 2007.

The ICT Strategic Plan was accepted as a working document. It was then passed to Council (Oxford's main governing body) for their approval - which was subsequently given. Further, the creation of the PRAC ICT Sub-committee, chaired by Professor Paul Jeffreys, Director of IT, was accepted by Council at its meeting on 10 July 2007. The ICT Strategic Plan is now the basis of the projects and committees co-ordinated by the Office of the Director of IT.

About the ICT Strategy Programme

  • The ICT Strategy Programme was commissioned by Professor Paul Slack, former ICT Committee Chair, in Summer 2004.
  • The main deliverable was to complete an ICT Strategic Plan for the University, in accordance with its Corporate Plan.
  • Recommendations were reported to Council in Summer 2006.

Main Objectives of the Programme

  • To facilitate the best collegiate University teaching, learning, research and administration systems.
  • To ensure a co-ordinated and coherent approach to the development, deployment and support of ICT services.
  • To assess the current ICT provision and support within the global context of higher education in the 21st century.

Focus of the Programme

  • The provisioning of ICT infrastructure, including support and standards.
  • The delivery of high-quality and cost effective ICT services and training.
  • The fostering of innovation, best practice, and value for money in the use of ICT in teaching, learning, and research across the University.

Facilitating the ICT Strategy Programme

The ICT Strategy Steering Group (ICT SSG) was formed with a wide membership from across the collegiate University to oversee the programme.

The ICT Strategy Steering Group...


2006-2007 Calendar

June 2007
Final outcome and publication of the ICT Strategic Plan
April/May 2007
ICT Strategic Plan considered by PRAC
January - March 2007
Final ICT Strategic Plan document prepared for consideration by PRAC
November 2006 - January 2007
Final round of consultation
October -- Novermber 2006
Consultative Document finalised, completed its process through the University committee structure, and approved for circulation by PRAC
August - September 2006
Creation of online draft ICT Strategic Plan