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Access to JANET for Non-Members

The national academic network, JANET, provides the connection between the Oxford University network and internet locations outside Oxford. JANET is financed by the Funding Councils, and the uses to which it may be put, and the categories of people allowed access, are strictly regulated. In certain circumstances people who are not directly eligible to use JANET may do so subject to a licence granted by the United Kingdom Education and Research Network Association (UKERNA), which runs JANET on behalf of the Funding Councils.

Colleges and other bodies providing accommodation, conference facilities, etc within Oxford may only allow access to the JANET network subject to the guidelines below. It must be noted that there is no parallel with provision of telephone facilities, which are not subsidised and can be offered on a pay-for-usage basis. It is not possible, by payment of a fee or otherwise, to grant JANET access to persons who do not fall within the permitted categories. It must also be noted that no fee may be charged for JANET access to persons who are exempt from the requirement for a licence.

The following rules should be applied to any consideration of provision of network access for those attending conferences , etc.

Any query about these guidelines should be referred to the Networks Team at OUCS, networks@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

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