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Mass Mailing

1. Background

Email is a cheap and efficient way of communicating with University members, but many are concerned about the amount of unwanted email they receive, and the University's ICTC Regulations forbid the transmission, without proper authorisation, of e-mail to a large number of recipients, unless those recipients have indicated an interest in receiving such e-mail.

There are obviously circumstances in which it is necessary and appropriate that administrative information is sent to all members, or to defined subsets, and the Information and Communications Technology Committee has laid out guidelines under which this may be done

As well as mailings to thousands of people, similar consideration needs to be applied when mailing to say 20 people and the guidelines in section 3 should still be followed.

There is a restriction on the Oxmails which prohibits sending more than 200 messages in the one transaction- to overcome this, you need to use a mailing list or specialized mass mailing software which splits up the transaction into individual messages- see section 4 below

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