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Regulations and Policies applying to all users of University ICT facilities

The following sections provide links to Rules, Regulations and Policies formulated by the University for the management of centrally provided IT and Communications facilities and rules imposed by external bodies as a condition of access to their facilities. All members, staff, students and visitors using the University's ICT service, including the connection of any device to a departmental or college network connected to the University backbone network, must follow these regulations. Users must also be aware that many departments and colleges impose additional rules for use of facilities under their control.

All units (departments, faculties, colleges, halls) of the University must set in place procedures to ensure that they conform to the appropriate University policies.

Information on the governance of ICT within the collegiate University can be found on the website of the Office of the Director of IT.

University Statutes and Regulations

Rules imposed by external bodies as a condition of use

Other University rules with which users must comply

University Policy Statements

The University has issued the following policies for the use of ICT systems within the University. Responsibility for implementing these policies rests with all units (departments, faculties, colleges, halls) within the University. All users of the University's ICT facilities should be aware of these policies and local procedures to implement them, and must follow these as appropriate.

University Disclaimer of Liability

All services provided by the University are governed by this disclaimer.

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