Report for IT Support Staff Group, 4/4/00

Jane Littlehales

ITSS Conference

I have been organising the presenters and workshops for the ITSS Conference. Thirteen workshops have been confirmed. Details and are at Workshop descriptions, presenters' resumes and information on equipment required is being gathered. Once Registration is complete, workshops will be allocated rooms depending on number of attendees and equipment requested.

My requests for a volunteer to do a workshop on Active Directory has not produced anyone yet. Matthew Dovey said he could but preferred not to as he has done workshops as the previous 4 conferences. He is also actively involved with promoting BOF meetings on Windows 2000 Active Directory.

Requests for someone to present on how to set up college computers for library sysytems was (eventually) answered by Brain Dansey. He said that something similar had been offered 2 years ago and not proved popular. The only person he could think of to present it was Matthew Dovey.

As the current workshop list stands at 13 topics, I am not going to pursue any further topics.

Social Gatherings

The first ITSS Dinner took place on the 31 March. Thanks to Gerard and Tony for their work in organising this. A photographic record of the event can be found at

An ITSS barbecue is being organised for some time in July at Mansfield Road Club. I have discussed details with Stephen Eeley, University Club Bursar. He is checking dates and working on pricing.

Halifax House have several rooms which could be used for indoor social events. A Christmas party is one possibility. A skittles evening has also been suggested. The Isis at Iffley Lock has a skittle alley and garden which can be booked for parties at reasonable cost. Food is either a buffet or baked potatoes.

The ITSSG was not set up to be a social organisation, however one of the difficuties facing many ITSS is isolation. Social events can ease this and promote cross-unit collaboration. The huge success of the Research Staff Society how this can work. An annual round of ITSSG events might be Christmas Party, Spring Dinner, June Conference, July Barbecue, September Skittles.

Last updated: Jane Littlehales, April 2000.