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University of Oxford: ITSS Group Reports

Reports from ITSSG Meetings

Meetings are normally held in week 4 of Michaelmas Term and in week 0 of Hilary and Trinity terms; an additional meeting is normally scheduled in early September.

Below is an index listing the reports from each meeting and the ITSSG Annual Training Reports.

Meeting Report
28th October 2002 ITSS Training Report June 2002 to Oct. 2002 - JML
13th May 2002 ITSS Training Report Jan 2002 to May 2002 - JML
4th February 2002 ITSS Training Report Oct. 2001 to Jan 2002 - JML
IT Supplier's Exhibition December 2001 - JML
ITSS-discuss list and ox.it newsgroup ITSS-discuss list and ox.it newsgroup - Tony Brett
Paper on IT recruitment - John Ireland
ITSS status of non-university cardholders - Tony Brett
26th October 2001 ITSS Training Report April to Oct. 2001 - JML
Problems with Registration System - JML
6th April 2001 ITSS Training Jan. to April 2001 - JML
8th Jan. 2001 ITSS Training Sept. 2000 to Jan. 2001 - JML
IT News & ITSS Jan. 2001 - CBat
11th Sept. 2000 ITSS Training April to Sept. 2000 - JML
5th June 2000 ITSS Training Hilary 2000 - JML
General Report for ITSSG 4/4/00 - JML
10th Jan. 2000 ITSS Training Michaelmas 1999ITSS Training Michaelmas 1999 - JML
BCS Professional Development Scheme - JML

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