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University of Oxford: ITSS Group

1. Meetings & Minutes

Meetings are normally held in week 4 of Michaelmas Term and in week 0 of Hilary and Trinity terms; an additional meeting is normally scheduled in early September.

Term Date Venue Minutes Agenda Reports
Trinity 2007 23th May University Offices, Wellington Square minutes
Hilary 2007 14th February Harris Manchester College minutes
Michaelmas 2006 8th November Pembroke College minutes
Trinity 2006 24th May St. Catherine's College minutes agenda
Hilary 2006 15th February OUCS(CRB) minutes
Michaelmas 2005 5th November OUCS minutes(pdf)
Trinity 2005 15th June St Catz minutes(pdf)
Hilary 2005 2nd March OUCS minutes
Michaelmas 2004 15th November OUCS minutes agenda
Trinity 2004 June 9th OUCS minutes agenda
Hilary 2004 27th February Jesus College minutes agenda
Michaelmas 2003 8th December Archaeology minutes agenda
Michaelmas 2003 27th October New College minutes agenda
Trinity 2003 22nd May New College minutes agenda
Hilary 2003 6th February Modern Languages minutes agenda
Michaelmas 2002 28th October OUCS minutes agenda training
Trinity 2002 13th May Archaeology minutes agenda training
Hilary 2002 4th February OUCS minutes agenda training
2001 IT exhibition
IT recruitment
non-uni cardholders
IT maillists/newsgroups
Michaelmas 2001 26th October Said minutes agenda training
Trinity 2001 6th April Corpus Christi College minutes agenda training
Hilary 2001 8th January Corpus Christi College minutes agenda training
ITnews and ITSS
Michaelmas 2000 20th November OUCS minutes
11th September OUCS minutes agenda training
Trinity 2000 5th June OUCS minutes agenda training
Hilary 2000 10th January Corpus Christi College minutes agenda training
BCS Prof. Dev. Scheme
Michaelmas 1999 11th October Worcester College minutes agenda
Trinity 1999 19th April Worcester College minutes

The minutes and agendas for the following meetings have, for the time being at least, been mislaid.

Hilary 1999 1st March at Green College
15th January at Green College
Michaelmas 1998 23rd November at OUCS
5th October at Radcliffe Infirmary
Trinity 1998 8th June at Exeter College
20th April at Exeter College
Hilary 1998 2nd March
22nd January

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