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ITSS Group

1. Introduction

The IT Support Staff Group was established in 1997 and reports to the IT Committee. One of its tasks is to organise the annual conference which is open to all professional IT staff within departments and colleges. Emphasis is placed on the political and strategic questions relating to IT provision within the University, and on the personal and career development of staff involved.

In 2007 the ITSSG was replaced by the ICT Forum

2. Terms of Reference

A group reporting to the I.C.T. Committee that will liaise with IT Support Staff throughout the University and Colleges, to represent their views to the IT Committee.

The group will also undertake the following tasks on an ongoing basis:

  1. The organisation of an annual conference for all staff employed to provide IT Support
  2. To organise & co-ordinate workshops and seminars of a topical and relevant nature, pertinent to IT Support
  3. To assist in the maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date list of all IT Support Staff throughout University departments and Colleges
  4. To assist in the dissemination of information to IT Support Staff
  5. To promote and encourage the professional development of IT Support Staff within the University.

3. Membership

4. Notes

  1. All members must qualify to be on the 'register' of IT Support Staff.
  2. With the exception of the Chairman and one of the OUCS members it is expected that the appointment of the other members of this committee will be by reference to the membership of the nominating body.
  3. Members to serve initially for a period of 2 years.
  4. OUCS staff are not eligible to be the chair of the group.

5. List of IT Support Staff Group Members

Nominating Body Name of Member Unit
IT Committee (Chairman) Jeremy Worth Archaeology
IT Users' Group Simon Ellis History
Colleges' IT Group Simon Thomson Pembroke College
MIS Niall Hedderley MIS
Libraries Neil Jefferies SERS
OUCS Katherine Craddock Computing Services
IT Support Staff Natasha Heaton
Ian Miller
Sarah Lawson
Harris Manchester
Department Admin - -
College Admin - -
Co-opted John Ireland Sec. to Colleges' IT Forum
Co-opted OUCS IT Support Staff Services (Tony Brett, Malcolm Austen)

The group may be e-mailed at: itssg@herald.ox.ac.uk

6. Timetable of election

The following table illustrates the timetable of election (or appointment) of ITSS Group members:

Following an alteration to the detailed makeup of the group during 2004, a new membership 'history' table has been started from Michaelmas 2004 onwards:

Term Chair ITSS1 ITSS2 ITSS3 ITUG CITG MIS Libraries Dept Admin Coll Admin OUCS Co-opted
MT07 Jeremy Worth Vacant Natasha Heaton Ian Miller Simon Ellis Simon Thomson Niall Hedderley Neil Jefferies Vacant Vacant Katherine Craddock John Ireland (in his capacity as Secretary to the Colleges' IT Officers' Forum)
MT05 Andrew Slater

Term Chair OUCS1 OUCS2 AISU ITUG CITG Libraries ITSS1 ITSS2 ITSS3 Co-opted
TT04 James Dore Katherine Craddock Tony Brett Niall Hedderley Jeremy Worth Vacant Neil Jefferies Andrew Slater John Ireland vacant Jane Littlehales
TT03 John Ireland (Acting) James Dore vacant vacant Jonathan Miller Nikki Cutler
MT02 Tony Brett Jane Littlehales John Ireland
HT02 Carol Bateman John Jenkins Gail Merrett
TT01 vacant Jane Littlehales
MT00 Gerard Robinson Pete Biggs Jonathan Marks Chris Brennan
TT00 Stuart Sharp
HT00 Sue Brooks
TT99 Giuseppe Mazzarino Jane Littlehales
Term Chair OUCS1 OUCS2 AISU ITUG CITG Libraries ITSS1 ITSS2 ITSS3 Co-opted

Jeremy Worth, Chairman 21st February 2006

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