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ICT Forum (ICTF) Constitutional Documents

1. ICT Forum Mission Statement

ICTF provides a framework that promotes and facilitates excellence incorporating the full involvement of ICT Staff in both the strategic development and day-to-day running of ICT in the Collegiate University.

2. ICT Forum Terms of Reference

ICTF is a body that represents all whose job function includes delivery or support of ICT throughout the Collegiate University.


3. ICT Forum Constitution

  1. The ICT Forum shall exist to serve all whose job function includes support of ICT throughout the Collegiate University.
  2. It shall be comprised of those who it exists to serve.
  3. The list of members of the IT Support Staff Register will be the members of the Forum.
  4. Open meetings of the ICT Forum shall be held at least once each term, normally in week 9.
  5. The Chair shall be elected for three years by the ICT Forum. The Chair shall be eligible for a second period of office but may not then stand for re-election until a further two years have elapsed.
  6. The Secretary shall be elected for three years by the ICT Forum. The Secretary shall be eligible for a second period of office but may not then stand for re-election until a further two years have elapsed.
  7. At the end of the term of office of either the Chair or the Secretary there shall be an election for that post. The election will occur at the last meeting prior to the end of the term of office and the secretariat shall send notification of the election to all representatives asking for nominations at least 14 days before the meeting. If there is more than one nomination there will be a ballot.
  8. The post of Chair may be held by any person and that of Secretary by any member of the ICT Forum (except members of ITS3), provided that both are in the employment of the University or its colleges.
  9. The ICTF Steering Committee may at any time require the Chairman or Secretary to stand down and for an election to take place. This clause may only be enacted if at least 25 members of ICTF have signed a petition requesting the action.
  10. The meetings of the ICT Forum are open to any member of the Forum, and it is suggested that at least one representative of each University Unit be present.
  11. At the meetings of the ICT Forum the following will occur:
    1. service providers shall report on progress and future plans and receive members reactions to the services provided and planned. Examples of service providers are bodies such as Computing Services, Libraries Services and Business Services and Projects, but all bodies providing ICT services to the Collegiate University will be encouraged to provide reports.;
    2. the IT Support Staff Services section of the Computing Services (ITS3) will report;
    3. any representatives of ICTF on other committees and groups will report;
    4. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) may supply written reports of their activities. Representatives may highlight significant parts of their report and take questions.Notwithstanding the statutory reports, it should be clear that the primary purpose of the meetings of the ICT Forum is discussion and not reporting.
    5. The ICT Forum shall appoint a representative to be a member of the PRAC ICT Subcommittee. The position will normally be held by the Chairman of the ICT Forum.
    6. The ICT Forum will appoint representatives to other committees and groups as necessary.
    7. The ICT Forum shall have no executive authority but will make representations through its representatives (as defined in 13 above) to the PRAC ICT Subcommittee.
  12. This constitution may be amended by any ordinary meeting of the ICTF, including the AGM. Proposals for such changes must be notified to the ICTF Chairman and Secretary no later than Monday of the fifth week of term so they may be discussed by the Steering Committee and then circulated by e-mail to the ICT-A (itss-announce) mailing list at least 10 working days before the meeting. A two-thirds majority vote (of those present at the meeting) is required for such changes.

4. ICTF Steering Committee

The ICTF Steering Committee (ICTFSC) will oversee the operation of the ICTF. Its functions will include

The Steering Committee will be led by the Secretary of the ICTF and will meet at least once a term, usually just prior to the ICTF termly meeting.

The membership of the ICTFSC will be

Secretarial services for the ICTF and its Steering Committee will be provided by ITS3 and its staff members will attend ICTFSC meetings.

5. Glossary of Terms/Acronyms

University top-level Planning and Resource Allocation Committee
ICT Subcommittee of PRAC
The previous University ICT Committee, superseded by PICT.
The ICT Forum
ICTF Steering Committee
The previous IT Support Staff group, serving under ICTC, superseded by ICTFSC.
The Annual Oxford IT Support Staff Conference (to be renamed the ICTF Conference from 2008)
Oxford University Computing Services
Business Services and Projects (part of Central Admin)
IT Support Staff Services (part of OUCS)
Oxford University Library Services
ECE Project
Enhanced Computing Environment Project, currently working to enhance and unify desktop PC provision in Libraries, OUCS and Central Admin.
Academic Services and University Collections Division (the division in which OUCS exists)

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