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Colleges' IT Group - ARCHIVED PAGE

Please Note: This is the Colleges' IT Group ARCHIVED WEB SITE. This has been superseded by the Colleges' ICT Committee.


As a result of governance changes proposed in the University's ICT Strategy Programme the Conference of Colleges decided in Trinity term 2007 to reconstitute the Colleges IT Group as the Colleges ICT Committee. Consequently this set of pages relating to the Colleges IT Group will not be updated, but will remain here unchanged for reference purposes.

The Oxford University Colleges' IT Group was formed in Michaelmas 1991 by the Conference of Colleges.

The group meets each term to discuss the IT provision at college and university level and is one of the bodies which the University Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Committee formally consults.

Each college and permanent private hall (PPH) has a representative on the group who is appointed at the beginning of the academic year by their Head of House. This primary representative will normally be a member of the college's or PPHs Governing Body, involved in academic or administrative IT. Colleges and PPHs are welcome to send a second person who has a more intimate knowledge of computing matters.

Further details of the Constitution of the Colleges' IT Group and its workings may be obtained from the Secretary.

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